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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

NVN TRUST Inauguration & opening ceremony was blessed & graced by our chief guest Dr. Rev. Benny Esau currently managing approximately 1500 churches across pan India, who came all the way from Bangalore promising to participate in this charitable TRUST event as his first priority by cancelling his family function at our invitation request. We thank his family and associates who were present with us.

NVN Group of companies NVN trust launch function opening ceremony
NVN Group of companies NVN trust launch function opening ceremony

Dream of NVN (New Vision NewLife) Charitable TRUST was to develop the economic and social status of all people who live their life's below average not even meeting their basic needs, like a proper shelter, good drinking water, healthy food and good health care facilities.

NVN TRUST scope is to work with each village crowd across each district, month on month to uplift their living standards. Keeping this as a road map, we started by distributing free lunch packs, Sarees for widows, Lungi & towels for Elderly men, Sport gear like Full Cricket kit for 2 village teenagers, Finance support for school education for students of single parent and etc.. Total Participants were nearly 200 people of 2 villages joined in limited numbers because of this pandemic situation, all necessary Covid awareness lecturing and medical alertness was addressed to them by giving out medically approved face masks and sanitizing their hands.

Our sincere thanks to Mr. K. Ragu our Founder & Chairman of the NVN Group of companies to establish this NVN charitable trust and for his honorable service to serve the needy and satisfy their basic comforts for a better tomorrow.

We also extend our hearty greetings and thanks to all our Donors who came forward to support this elite cause by means of sponsoring the event by their generous donations as kind & cash.

Last but not least we are grateful for the hard work and support given by our team especially to our trustee Mr. V. Mahalingam and volunteers who dedicated their time and thought to make this event a successful one.

Event Date : 14th April

Location :Thennarkadu , Cheyyur Taluka, Chengelpet district, Tamilnadu.


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